Alfonso Martínez-Taboas Adam Rosario-Rodríguez Juan A. González-Rivera


The COVID-19 pandemic is linked to a rise in mental health problems and the consequent devastating impact on social, political and health pillars. Puerto Rico has been no exception, including an aggressive and restrictive quarantine period, and several thousands of deaths attributed to the virus. The aim of this investigation is to examine the reliability and convergent validity of the Spanish version of the COVID Stress Scale (CSS). The CSS is a robust instrument to measure stress related to fears of being exposed to the virus and to the deleterious consequences in the lifestyle of the individual. Participants were 416 persons who completed an online survey that included the CSS and the assessment of depressive and anxiety symptoms. We examined item-level characteristics, factor structure and the convergent validity of the scales. The results support the five-factor structure of the CSS, excellent internal reliability, and convergent validity with scales of anxiety and depression. Overall, the Spanish version of the CSS provide a reliable and valid assessment of the new proposed COVID stress syndrome.



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