Ernesto Rosario-Hernández Lillian V. Rovira Millán


The aims of this study were to develop and validate a scale to mesure attitudes towards retirement. The developed scale was validated with a sample of 270 Puertorican employees in which 166 (61.5%) were women and 98 (36.3%) men. All subjects were employes, which was the criteria for their participation. The results suggest, through factor analysis technique, that variability of the scale was caused by four factors: one which measures Myths, a second measuring fear, a third one measuring planning, and a fourt one measuring social desirability as proposed by the researchers. The reliability coefficients ranged from .79 to .89. The results suggest that the developed scale is one with good psychometric properties to measure the attitudes towards retirement and social desirability.



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Rosario-Hernández, E., & Rovira Millán, L. V. (2016). Desarrollo y validación de una escala para medir las actitudes hacia el retiro. Revista Puertorriqueña De Psicologí­a, 13(1), 45–59. Recuperado a partir de
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